Welcome to the Another Kind of Fairy Tale community. This isn’t just about a music project--it’s an invitation to join a tribe that values your unique voice. In this space there is room for vulnerability and imperfection. This is about being curious and expressing your creativity, not “performing.”

There's no agenda, no formula--just a place to be encouraged and connect with others who share the same desire to live a creative life.  In this place we can let go of what we’ve been told our lives should look like and embrace the reality of what they are--full of tension. In the midst of this we have the opportunity to use our creative voice to bring healing to ourselves and connect with those around us.

Maybe you need an outlet to express yourself or perhaps there's a project you’ve been dreaming about creating...whatever it is, now you have the space, resources and community to support you on your way. Just click here to sign up.  I'll send you an email with an invitation to our private community forum.

I'm so glad you're coming on this journey with me. I know it can be scary when you're starting something new, but I've learned over the years that magic awaits those who have the courage to enter new woods.

I'll meet you at the tree line.