Another Kind of Fairy Tale

Well, today's the day. I finally get to share with you this labor of love I've been working so hard on!  On March 12, 2016 I gathered a small group of family and friends and recorded Another Kind of Fairy Tale live.  

I wanted to create an experience where I could share the stories of these songs and my life since moving to Nashville.  That night was also my birthday...the big 3-5.   I'd been fighting feelings of being behind in my life and struggling to find my place in a new city.  Creating AKOFT was my way of putting a stake in the ground and choosing to embrace my story, and mark it with celebration.  My life may look different from what culture deems "normal" but that's ok.  My tale is my own.  I don't want to follow a formula--I want to live the adventure that's mine and mine alone.  I believe the same is true for each one of you.  Your life is another kind of fairy tale.  So, tell your tale...the world is waiting.


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