An Untold Story...

When I first read this quote by Maya Angelou several years ago it stopped me in my tracks. In a single sentence she articulated what I had felt for most of my life.  We all go through times where we feel hidden, and the weight of that burden is too heavy to bear.  

I believe we are all an untold story slowing unfolding over the course of a lifetime, but how much of the story we reveal is up to us.  We can let fear keep us in hiding or we can choose to be courageous and reveal what's in our very unique hearts.

What part of your story will you let bubble up this week?  What needs to be spoken, written, painted, photographed, collaged, played, sung or dreamed up so you can reveal the next page?

This week I want to challenge each of us to choose a word or phrase that is significant to our journey and turn it into an emblem.  There is no right or wrong way to do this--just have fun and do what makes sense to you.  Once you're finished, display it somewhere you can see it everyday. I hope it will inspire you and remind you what you're fighting for.

If you want to share your creation you can post it in the Slack group or email me here

You've been silent long enough...go make some noise!