Something Growing

Showing up to create something can be scary.  We often let fear creep in our heads and start accusing us with lines like "you aren't good enough", "who do you think are?", "you're a fake", "you're not a real _________", "stop now before you embarrass yourself!"  What I've learned over the years is that to embrace our creativity, we have to embrace ourselves, ALL of ourselves and let our inner child come out to play.  In order to do this we have to let go of the idea that we are something broken that needs to be fixed, and realize we are something growing that needs to be fed.  

If we want to grow as people, as creatives, we have to feed our hearts, minds & souls good things.  As Julia Cameron says, we have to "fill the well."  If all we do is exert our energy and never feed ourselves, we will burn out.  I know it's counter-cultural to say no to busyness and productivity in favor of self-care, but the truth is, filling yourself with beautiful and life-giving things will allow you to function more productively and create more easily...not to mention you'll be a kinder and more vibrant person to be around (being "hangry" doesn't just apply to food!)

This Week's Challenge: Sit down with your journal or piece of paper and brainstorm...What inspires you? What fills your heart? What fuels your body and makes you feel strong? What restores your mind? What fills you with childlike joy? Make a list and then use post-it notes or scraps of paper and transfer your list onto them. Throw them in a bowl and draw one out everyday for the next week or two and challenge yourself to do it.  

I'll be joining along in the challenge and will post some pics of my activities on instagram--some of my list includes nature walks with my dog, water color painting, reading, cooking and sending handwritten notes to people.   I would love to see what you come up with so post your list in the comments below or in the Slack group! And if you want to receive a handwritten note of encouragement just drop me a note here.

Cheers to growth and feeding ourselves well!

PS-Happy Cinco de Mayo!! I will be feeding myself copious amounts of tacos & margaritas today! #tacosaremylovelanguage