Since we were kids the world has been telling us fairy tales.  Stories about what makes up a good life and constitutes a happy ending. But what if those storylines don't pan out? Or what if your ideal life looks completely different then the story spun for you by childhood books and culture? What do you do then? When our achievements and lifestyle choices don't measure up to societal norms we often start comparing our lives to others and begin questioning what's wrong with us.  Life forces us to make a decision- will we stick with chasing someone else's story or seek after our own.

Tell Your Tale is an art project that aims to create community and dialogue around what it means to live another kind of fairy tale.  A life of beauty, pain, joy, disappointment, and vulnerability. It doesn't pressure us to live up to storybook ideals, but begs us to realize our our lives are just as valuable, rich and worthy of being shared. 

No matter who you are or where you come from, you have a tale worth telling.  Add your voice to the collective with a poem, photograph, painting, short story, song or whatever you desire.  It doesn't need to be perfect, just made from the heart. 

When you click the link below it will open an email.  Use the subject line to title your piece and share your tale in the body of the email.  When you hit send it will automatically upload to the blog and be added to the project.  

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." -Joseph Campbell


Questions? Email us here!