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you can trust yourself.

you can trust yourself.


I want to invite you on a new journey. One in which you give up the relentless pursuit of “am I good enough?” and settle snuggly into the truth that you always have been. I want you to feel the seismic shift under your feet as you pivot from hustle and worth-proving to the cradle of love.

This new path is sourced with abundance and there is no competition (because you are on your own path.) All this isn’t to say it will be easy to maintain your loyalty and devotion to your life.

You’ll often encounter people and situations on the road who question you and invite you to doubt yourself.

Stay submerged in the truth of who you are so you can see them coming and plan accordingly. Stay devoted to yourself—your body, your mind, your spirit, your purpose, your gifts and your desires.

There will be hard days that will make you want to quit and take a less complicated, more traveled path. But I beg you to not give into conformity. Instead, quiet yourself and listen for the steady, sure heart beating in your chest and let it guide your path. You can trust yourself, dearheart—you really can.

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