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2020 Adventures in Brandiland

As I close the book on 2020, I felt led to make this video of memories from the past year. The end of 2019 broke my heart and turned my life upside down, but in the aftermath I have watched myself heal and find joy and beauty amidst it. I watched myself soften, open up and bloom.

The day after my birthday (March 12th), Nashville went into lockdown. As the weeks passed I noticed how the visions and ideas about what I was going to do in 2020 (the year leading up to my 40th birthday) began to fade and burn out.

I’d wanted it to be a year of incredible travel, adventures and dreams coming true. Many of those things still happened, just not quite the way I envisioned them.

It turns out this year was to be less about doing and more about being. It was about learning how to deepen my presence and simply be who I am—joyful, colorful, a singer, a writer, a dancer, a woman deeply connected to her body, a lover of nature, an encourager, a friend, an artist, a healer.

And when I look at this video of my life in 2020 my heart swells and is overwhelmed with gratitude because that’s exactly what I see...

*Writing + dearheart letters/mail

*Self-portraits that helped me see myself in new ways and bear witness to whatever I was feeling in that moment

*Facilitating a book club for “The Artist’s Way” with an incredible group of women

*Connecting & Celebrating with friends in person, on Zoom, text & endless Marco Polo videos

*Being deeply loved & cared for by my 2 incredible roommates

*Being in nature/walking/hiking and discovering it’s mystical healing powers at a deeper level

*Being healed and loved on by so many sweet dogs, especially my roomie’s dog, Riley, who brought me so much comfort after Sadie passed.

*Creating new relationships in online groups that have been so nurturing and encouraging.

*Spending quality time + having fun with my family.

*Running & completing the Couch to 5K training program

*Singing and dancing with joy and wild abandon

*Starting the Beauty Lessons podcast

*Creating art

*Joining a business mastermind group of incredible people

I feel at peace with how I showed up—not because I did it perfectly, but because I tried and I was present. I put less focus on big results/projects in favor of giving myself permission to play and enjoy my life.

Play, permission and presence were my intentions for last year and I think I nailed it.

All this isn’t to say this year was easy or without pain or fear. Those things were definitely present. But after processing the pain, anger & disappointment I am grateful for so many gifts 2020 has given me. It helped me slow down and give myself the space I needed to heal, find my joy, and realign with my identity and soul’s purpose. And for that, I bow and say thank you to 2020 and the countless friends (I’ve tried to tag as many of you as I can here) and family who filled my heart this year. I love you and am so, so grateful for you!


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