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You are divine.⠀

You are held.⠀

You are made of fire.⠀

From the depths you’ve risen to ignite the light in your heart and it will not depart from you.⠀

You’ve made friends with your shadow and welcomed her into your heart.⠀

Healing is happening, even if you can’t yet feel it or see its fruit.⠀

The mysteries of the Divine are dancing over you and through every cell of your being.⠀

I bless you to receive it and welcome it with an open heart.⠀

I bless you to take ownership of your desires and who you were created to be.⠀

And finally, I bless you to see, unequivocally through the eyes of Love exactly who you were designed to be.⠀

You are Goodness.⠀

You are Light.⠀

You are Love.⠀

Scoop every ounce of this truth into your spirit, and give yourself permission to BE who you’ve always been.⠀

May it be anchored in your body and spirit always.⠀

And so it is.


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