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Be Expectant.

This morning I asked my spirit what it wanted me to know and this is what I heard:

“Be expectant. Look for miracles, and you will find them.”

Here’s an uncomfortable truth: I often expect to be disappointed...meaning I expect that things won’t work out and I have to struggle to find the solutions I need.

Over the past year I’ve been doing a lot of work to heal this belief. And while I’ve made great strides, recent events have shown me there is more to do.

Several things have popped up in the past week that I don’t have much control over. I can choose to lean into my anxiety and assume things will be hard and I’ll be disappointed OR I can listen to my inner knowing and choose to be expectant and seek out miracles.

The latter is vulnerable because it involves patience and surrender. I may squirm and second-guess, but ultimately I am grateful for the chance to practice trusting myself & the Divine.

I will be devoted to seeking hope and miracles in each moment.


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