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Breaking Through Transition

Last week I was organizing my bookshelf when an old, crumpled up receipt tumbled out of one of my books. I was about to toss it aside when I saw handwriting on the back. It was a note I scribbled down in the car a few years ago after I moved into my new house. ⠀

To be honest, I don’t really remember writing it. It felt like I was simply a vessel receiving a message—a pep talk of sorts for this new season of life. ⠀

Three years later it’s still timely—a reminder that motion is the way forward. I just have to start, show up and pay attention to what life is showing me. ⠀

This is what the note said:⠀

“Breaking through transition—when patterns are disrupted and all you see is shrapnel and disorganization…⠀

Life is offering another opportunity to be creative-to begin fashioning a new creation out of old puzzle pieces-to surrender disappointments and expectations fallen flat- to “make over” our life in a new time in a new place with new people. ⠀

It’s hard-so hard not to stare at all the bits blown hither and yon and wonder or worry “how?! how can this be something again?” More so, how can this be something beautiful and good again? ⠀

And this is where I get stuck and where anxiety is born because I can’t stop staring and wondering and theorizing. I can’t see how it will work and yet I know this is not my job and this isn’t the way home. ⠀

The way home, the way of building is through motion, trial & error, of getting our hands dirty. Clarity comes from engagement as Marie Forleo says. ⠀

There is no way for me to know how things will work out BUT I can be curious and responsible to show up to my life everyday—inspecting the pieces—turning them over in my hand and playing and working until I find where it belongs. This is the business of living—of shaping our lives over and over and over again until we find the right fit.”⠀

What message is showing up in your life this week? What’s one small step you can take to move forward?


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