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clear the decks.

A few weeks ago one of the gals in my Artist’s Way Book Club asked if I’d like to collaborate on a creative project. I would send her a poem I’ve written and she would interpret it into an abstract painting. I was intrigued as I thought about seeing my words translated into color form and responded “YES!” immediately!

As I started to think about what poem to send her, one called “clear the decks” immediately sprung to mind. Trusting my intuition, I sent it it off. A couple weeks later, Christiana shared the finished painting with me. I loved her interpretation of the poem and how much I could see my words reflected in it. The painting makes me think of all the unwinding and layers of hiding we let build up in our lives. And, how sometimes we have explode into a holy mess to clear the way for what’s next.

Check out more of Christiana's work on her instagram @christianaodum or her website!


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