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dearheart, here's what I know...

dearheart, here's what I know...

You are worthy—worthy of it all…of all your dreams, desires, and hopes. They were programmed into your DNA and they are blueprinted on your heart. And that’s why your body cries out to dance and your soul to sing and your words beg to be scribbled onto the page—because your essence, your beautiful essence is worthy of love, honor and celebration.

So, do not fill your days with so much that you drown out your desires and needs. Keep an ear turned inward toward your heart so you can treat it with care. Don’t let it become a dump site or an abandoned building. You can ignore your feelings, but your blind eye doesn’t stop the backlog of emotions from piling up. Be gentle—you are in process, and there is progress even if it isn’t the perfect way you envision it. By the way, doing it “perfectly” doesn’t win you any extra points at anything—it just an ego trip looking for validation. Don’t judge yourself (or others)…just be curious, observe, take notes and recalibrate. You’re doing the work. I’m so proud of you.


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