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I bless you to own your light.

Learning to speak to myself with kindness and love changed everything for me. It has been the water that has nurtured me and given me the ability to care for myself and express my inner & outer beauty with boldness.

I wrote this blessing for myself a couple of weeks ago, to set my intention for 2021. My intuition says some of you might need them too, and I’m more than happy to share.

Speak to yourself with tender care and watch yourself bloom!

I bless you to stand

Firmly in your presence.

With your head held high-

Without an air of second-guessing.

I bless you to own your Light,

To let your beauty heal, bless & bring life.

I bless you to unleash your words

That create worlds and reignite imaginations.

I bless you to own your power

And see the good that springs up from it.

I bless to find love and allow it to

Balloon up into your heart

Filling you with unspeakable joy.

I bless to know the depths and wonder

Of the Spirit by which you are loved.

I bless you to see, with eagle eyes

The truth of who you were created to BE.

I bless your life to be a beautiful tapestry

Of the brightest colors, woven together with Divine intricacy.

And I bless you to act, to dream, to sing,

To dance, to paint the most fantastical life you can imagine—

The life you desire.

I bless you to open a new door-

A portal home

Where you have always been

Who you are.


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