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You are right on time.

“You are right on time.”⠀

This is an affirmation I’ve started using over the past year when my mind starts to spin...when I need to chill out and stop putting so much pressure on myself—on time tables and checklists. ⠀

With my 40th birthday around the corner there’s a desire for a big crescendo moment...⠀

a desire to know I matter, my presence matters—that the things I say and create are meaningful and create beauty and love in the world.⠀

There are so many things I’d hoped would be different by the this time in my life.⠀

I thought I’d be more “settled”—that I’d have a life-partner, be married and have a couple kids. I thought I’d be confidently established in a career. I thought I’d be making more music and that I would have written a book or two.⠀

But the truth is, the absence of these things doesn’t negate the sheer beauty of what I have created. I’m really proud of my life. ⠀

Is there room for growth? Of course. ⠀

But I’ve learned that ignoring our feelings doesn’t make them magically disappear. ⠀

I have to acknowledge that I have some disappointment inside me. ⠀

I also have to acknowledge I don’t know what surprises may be in store over the next 35 days and in the year(s) to come.⠀

I have the capacity to hold these feelings in tension, and remind myself with love and grace, “you are right on time.”⠀


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