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Your worth isn’t on the line.

Today my mind is racing about all the things I need to make decisions about and take action on. ⠀

I’ve been getting caught up in these mind games that spew so many logical reasons why things won’t work, how my timing is off and how I am behind in life. ⠀

I put so much pressure on every step I take to be the “right” one, as if it will save me or prove something about my worthiness. ⠀

But as I sat down to journal through these feelings this afternoon, I was reminded that this isn’t really about making right or wrong choices, it’s about being in alignment with who I am. ⠀

It’s about slowing myself down to hear the ceaseless whispers of the Divine inside of me: “You are loved. You are whole. Your worth isn’t on the line no matter what you do or don’t accomplish.”


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